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Twenty-one years ago I received my degree in Visual Communications from the Colorado Institute of Art with an emphasis in advertising. Since 1997 I’ve worked with several organizations specializing in graphic design and marketing, eventually opening a graphic design business with a partner in 2006. This gave me valuable experience in creating a business plan, strategic goals, and managing daily business activities such as project planning and customer relations. I still operate the business on a freelance basis.

You’ll see in my resume that I have been in environments of all types with companies of all sizes.  Each position brought me new experiences and have taught me new skills. I’ve worked in a department of 25 but I’ve also started a department and maintained it solely on my own.  I’ve worked for companies and also started my own so it’s safe to say that I have an appreciation for what it takes to keep a company successful and profitable.

Outside of the design industry I have volunteered with many organizations holding board positions such as director, trustee, treasurer and president.  These experiences have taught me a lot about managing and working with people.  I have taken on large tasks but I’ve also delegated tasks to other people when necessary.  I have been recognized for my dedication and I plan on continuing my involvement because I enjoy working with people and achieving tasks for the good of something bigger than myself.

If any questions about me or my qualifications, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Download my resumé here.

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